Interview with an Online Freelancer : Marie Pabica

Freelancer Hot Spot : Marie Ann Pabica

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Virtual Assistant, Customer Service, Medical Biller, Mompreneur
Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

“Always ask & thank God for wisdom.” – Marie

Freelance Portfolio and Social Media Links:

Twitter: marieannpabica
LinkedIn: virtualassistantmarie87
Freelancer: marieann87
PeopleperHour: marie-ann/pabica/administrative-assistant-customer/350788

Here’s another work online from home mom from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.

Let’s see what Marie’s been doing as an online freelancer working as a virtual assistant and how she maintained to be successful on the global market.

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How To Find Freelance Jobs When You Have No Experience?

Working online is one of the most common but not so easy way to make money especially when you are a newbie or let’s say an inexperienced human being. Whether you want to have a part time job or you’re a retiree, you are very welcome to join the gig. You can also enjoy the benefit of working online at the comfort of your home and you can sometimes choose what time you want to work as long as you can meet the deadline of the job.

Sounds interesting, right? But in order for you to be part of this job, work online from home and get paid, you need to answer the most common questions that every freelancer had encountered and these are:online jobs work from home-tips

How – to become a freelancer especially when you don’t have any experience?
Where – can you apply to find a legitimate job? (*of course nobody wants to fall into the pit hole of scam websites!) and
What – kind of jobs does it offer that suits your ability?

These are the major problems that often kill the littlest hope that lights your soul. But, I will give you the answer because me, myself also experienced this kind of trouble. I spent three months searching for the right website and as what the law of attraction states “Positive mind comes positive outcome.” Then, Upwork came into view. Yes, yes, it’s

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Tips on Landing Your Very First Client

work from home online jobs2

Just a pebble in the water can cause the sea in motion. Life is full of domino effects as long as you know how to manage it. This domino effect is not only applicable with multiplying happiness or greatness. But for freelancers, this domino effect is also applied to having clients. If you can have […]

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5 Tips in Making a Proposal that Lands a Job

Proposal WOrk Online from home

Take the proposal as you first real communication with a potential client. Don’t rush into copying and pasting your template. A proposal should not be overlooked and remember it can be a deal breaker! Always keep in mind that job proposals play a vital role in being hired. I know making a proposal is really […]

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Getting a Fresh Start as a Freelancer

work online for free- freelancing

Freelancing offers a lot of opportunities. However, shifting from having a full time work to freelancing is not that easy. You must consider that competition is tougher. There are more freelancers offering the same services that you have and with experience working online. You need to convince clients and establish good reputation before you can earn. Although […]

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How to Earn Money Online Without Any Investment : Be a Freelancer

how to earn money online without investment

FREELANCING: WORKING ONLINE FROM HOME Internet jobs from home are what commonly freelancers do, they enjoy freelance work online at the comfort of their home as their workplace. Most of some individuals would like to work as a freelancer, making them ask themselves on how to work at home online? How can I work from […]

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