5 Tips in Making a Proposal that Lands a Job

Take the proposal as you first real communication with a potential client. Don’t rush into copying and pasting your template. A proposal should not be overlooked and remember it can be a deal breaker! Always keep in mind that job proposals play a vital role in being hired.

Proposal WOrk Online from homeI know making a proposal is really hard especially when you don’t know what to write anymore or you already forgotten what were the things that you had written or included in your past submitted proposals. In order for you to grab your client’s attention you need to make a proposal that can make you stand out from your fellow bidders. Create a proposal that can give you a big impact to the client’s eyes and finally start your work online from home career.

One of the best things that you need to do in order to have a good job proposal is to make a template. A template will serve as your basis on how you should make your proposal and it comes handy when the time comes. Since you have a template there will be no reason for you to worry and you’ll have the time to think about how your proposal should be like. You need to craft it as good as you can.

As long as you finished making a template for your job proposal, you can just copy and paste it anytime when you find a job that suits you. Having a template can help you save your time. You can just submit as many proposals as you like. But keep in mind that, when submitting a proposal you need to carefully read the description of the job first because sometimes the clients put a secret word on their description that you need to include in your proposal. No matter how good your proposal is if you don’t follow their instructions it will be useless and most likely eliminating your proposal just like that.

Here are some tricks and tips in making a good proposal:

Make a long story short and be precise

Nobody wants to read a big block of text and reading long proposals can’t grab your client’s attention. It can be tiring for them since you are not the only one who had submitted proposals for their job. Of course, it should be precise and accurate. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone. Keep your proposal short but include all the ingredients that can make it tasty.

Get your client’s attention easily

Your first two sentences is your biggest chance of getting the job. In order to get their attention you need to be clever enough to construct these sentences. How can you grab someone’s attention? The answer is pretty simple, use their name! How can you get their name? Well, read at the feedback on your client’s profile. Freelancers used their first name to rate the client when their job is done. By addressing to their name you can make your application somehow personal.

Tell them why they need to work with you

Trust is the main foundation of getting the job. Your client always wants to know why they should hire you instead of your competitors. Show them what you’ve got. Let them know your advantages compare to your rivals. State your expertise and talents. Tell them your experiences and how many projects have you worked that gives you a good feedback. If it is relevant tell them about your education like what course have you graduated. But the most important thing is to stay humble and always state the facts.

Put your work samples at the beginning of your proposal

Your work samples serves as a blessing in disguise in your proposal since this is what the client’s often look for. Because of this they can somehow check if you are really capable of doing the job. If you think you have a good work sample then you are ahead of the pack.

Be professional and kind

When making a good proposal make sure that you are using the right words when addressing to your client. Use “Dear” instead of “Hi.” It only shows that you have a professional manners. Do not brag. Always start off on the right foot. Being kind means you are being friendly and give them an easy approach. Always choose a good closing line. Like “Best regards” or a “Thank you for reading my application.”

In order to really make a good proposal, you really need to make and test lots of it and sort out what gives you the best results. It’s like solving a scientific problem that you need to make many hypothesis and conduct different experiments first in order to get the best answer.

Getting a Fresh Start as a Freelancer

work online for free- freelancingFreelancing offers a lot of opportunities. However, shifting from having a full time work to freelancing is not that easy. You must consider that competition is tougher. There are more freelancers offering the same services that you have and with experience working online. You need to convince clients and establish good reputation before you can earn. Although this is very hard when you are just starting. I even know someone from our facebook group who was in elance for quite some time but can’t land a single job. What I did was I hired him to do a research for me. Though the job cost only $15, nowhe already had a feedback on his portfolio. Not bad considering months ago he was staring at a blank client history, right?(Learn how you can create a freelancer portfolio even without clients here).  Our facebook group is a closely knit community that we try to help newbies. It would be good for you to search for this kind of group too.  [Read more…]

How to Earn Money Online Without Any Investment : Be a Freelancer


how to earn money online without investmentInternet jobs from home are what commonly freelancers do, they enjoy freelance work online at the comfort of their home as their workplace. Most of some individuals would like to work as a freelancer, making them ask themselves on how to work at home online? How can I work from home online? Actually there are many free internet jobs at home, where you can do it on the online basis. One good example of this job is being a freelance graphic designer where you make designs for your clients who order from you via freelancing site.

A freelancing site is a site where most of freelancers are found offering different services for different clients for different prices as well. One good example of a freelancing site is elance.com (which is my personal choice!), where you can offer your service in a specific price for clients needing it. Also, there are many internet online jobs free, all you need is to search it from the search engines, read on forums or know it from a friend who works online.

You can also work online at home via gig sites like fiverr.com or mycheapjobs where you can post your job to the site and wait for clients to order a gig you have posted. And if you are really into freelancing, you must also provide portfolio of works you have done to attract more clients making them feel that hiring you to do the job would be a good choice. Same as to the gig sites, where if you have videos on the description on how the job is done, more clients will order at your gig because they see such beautiful presentations on the job, on how it is being made.

Get started with these tips in creating your online profile. 

Freelancing could be difficult to start but, as you begin to make the first job you’ll going to be excited on working with different clients. If you have a day job, doing online freelancing as a part time job would be another way on how to earn money from home without any investment. Well, not really, since you’re going to pour a lot of time building your profile and searching for that first job.

Happy freelancing!

How to work online and get paid !

Work online no startup fee, how to be a freelancer?

work online and get paidIf you are someone who is looking to earn some extra cash without wanting to invest any money then you can get started just by following some simple methods and earn money by being your own boss. Work according to your ease. There is no need to register to any company as long as you are working by using your own name. You can get started overnight without much hassle.

Get started with these tips in creating your online profile

This type of work is especially suitable for stay at home moms who want to earn some cash by working according to their convenience and their own time table. If you are one such mom then believe us this is the best option available for earning some money. There are different websites available where people earn by putting their expertise to work. There is a lot of scope for freelancers as companies prefer hiring freelancers for getting the job done rather than regular staff that increases the job overhead.

If you are planning to become a freelancer then all you have to do is decide on your area of expertise. Set your working hours according to your convenience. Some months might be very hectic with lot of work coming along whereas others might not be very busy. Use these months to rest and freshen up. If you are a consistent and a good worker you will be able to get recommended and find more work.

If you suddenly lose your job then you can use freelance career to help you pass through the tough phase until you can find some new work. You can be a freelancer full time or even part time. The choice is yours.

Top 5 Freelance Sites

Sites where you can apply for online jobs with no start-up or registration fee:

Freelancing is a great way to work from home. Freelancers do anything from writing to graphic design to computer programming. They are often hired by businesses (small and large) for a particular project. It’s a win- win situation. The small business owner gets his website up and running, or his press release written without having to create a new position in his company to get the job done.

The Freelancer gets to do what he or she loves to do from home. The big question is how do the business owner and freelancer find each other? They do it through one of the freelance sites below.

On all five of these sites projects are posted and freelancers bid on how much they would charge for the work. It is up to the company / person posting the job to choose which freelancer they would like to work with.


work online and get paid elance-banner

Elance is the other big player when it comes to freelance sites that cover a wide variety of freelance work. Like Guru.com you can find projects from creative work like graphics and writing to computer programming.



work online and get paid ODesk_logo

oDesk allows clients to interview, hire and work with freelancers and agencies through the company’s platform. Prospective clients can post jobs for free, and freelancers may create profiles and bid on jobs, also for free. The company collects 10 percent of the payment. Payments are made through oDesk, which handles many bookkeeping tasks for the transaction. The transactions are transferred into the contractors’ accounts after a 6-day safety period. – wikipedia



work online and get paid Freelancer.com-Logo

This site specializes on freelance services that are more affordable (projects start at $30 and most assignments are typically $200 or less) for entrepreneurs and small businesses.



work online and get paid guruis the largest freelance site out there. According to their site they connect over 520,000 freelancers with over 30,000 businesses and employers. Guru is organized into several categories and subcategories from Web and Graphic Design to Programming to Business Consulting.


work online and get paid peopleperhour
Like the other services here, they make it easy to post a job and start receiving bids right away. The average job gets approximately 16 bids.



If you think you are up for the job, check some of the sample freelancer profile I compiled. This will help you make an outline of what needs to be seen on your profile. Let me know what you think!


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