Tips on Freelancing Job Online

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From a vast of people interested in working online for free with free work online from home, one should have a key on how to win the desired posted job. Here are some of the tips on how to become competitive enough from the other aspiring freelancers.


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Freelance without Experience: Afraid to Try?

How can I start to work online at home for free?

Fact: Everything starts with nothing.

This holds true to every freelancer out there. They start without anything. A degree, past job or even a part-time task doesn’t dictate the course of your online career, yet it sometimes helps! Working online is about taking risks. But it doesn’t stop there, Freelancing is TAKING and GIVING. After deciding if venturing to an online work is a good option then give what is necessary to achieve those goals. [Read more…]

Pinoy’s Best oDesk Payment Method

There are a lot of oDesk payment methods to choose from:
* ACH (aka Direct Deposit – US contractors only – Free)
* PayPal
* Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard
* Moneybookers
* Wire Transfer

Yet the best payment method that a Pinoy freelancer can use is through paypal. All you need to have is an account in paypal (free), your oDesk email account and any bank account to which the money will be withdrawn. I used EON from Unionbank because it’s the most accessible and less hassle.
When applying to paypal be sure to include or add your oDesk email ( as the primary email. Don’t panic if you’ll see limited account or needs to verify notice because this can be solve by taking the steps below.
You can check the detailed information here: How to Receive oDesk Earnings Through Paypal.

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oDesk Guide – Providers Readiness Test

Working online for free is not that plain as most have thought. It is not enough to get registered, make profile, find job, and assume that you could bid the said project. Most of the time free work online from home needs some kind of an initial test. Every freelancer must need to be proficient and knowledgeable in the duties they will perform. oDesk perceive this concept to assure to the buyers that providers are capable enough to work and accomplish there projects. It offers free tests that assess the skills and capabilities. oDesk Readiness Test (ORT) is a new test about the policies, procedures and guidelines to make sure that freelancers are knowledgeable and prepared to apply and accept jobs in the marketplace. Every provider must pass this test before they could bid a job or a project.

Various tests are premeditated to measure the capabilities of the providers. Programmers can get programming skills, and writers could take related writing tests. The provider could use the result of the oDesk skill test they have taken to be part on their profile to attract buyers that they are proficient to the said field they used on to. Most of the test is in 40 multiple choice questions in 40-minute test format. Providers have the chance to retake the exams after a span period of time if they wish to improve there score and percentile ranking.

Outsourcing is often to lower-cost regions where labor may more cheaply be employed. A large of percentage of US employers took this schema to cut labor costs in accomplishing their projects. English is the main language used in oDesk marketplace. Therefore, rather than the oDesk Readiness Test, providers must took the U.S. English basic skills test. It is one of the important tests the provider should pass. The test shows that you are capable to communicate in enormous number of potential buyers.

Freelancing is the same way in formal profession in the concept of readiness. Every individual must prove themselves to there clients that they are responsible to handle a project. Good to see that oDesk has the initiative to render this concern for the benefits of both providers and buyers.

How To Start on oDesk as a Provider (Contractor)

Start your Freelancing Job with oDesk

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