Cover Letter Power Lines – Effective Proposal Tips To Land That First (or Next) Client

Using “power lines” on your cover letters

Cover letters are one of the first things that a client or hiring manager will see when you send a proposal. Not the requirements and not even your carefully made profile.

That is why it is essential to create an attention-grabbing cover letter so they’ll have interest in checking your profile and requirements.

But how do you create an attention-grabbing cover letter? And what is a power line?

Never about experience

cover letter tips upworkFirst, I will tell you that it’s not about experience. In fact, I’ve reminded people, again and again, to stop waving experience around on their cover letters. Unless it’s exceptional achievement. But if we’re only talking about years of working in a particular field, it won’t be your ticket to land a job.

You see, telling the hiring manager or client “I have X years experience in this.” Only means you have worked for this long. Without context, it is not as fascinating as you are led to think.

Especially when dealing with managers that are hiring freelancers and virtual assistants, they have one thing in mind, and that is, “what can you do for me.”

Cover letters are all about getting a client’s attention

As long as you can prove them that what you bring to the table is beneficial to them, your mysterious years of experience may mean nothing to them.

I say this because I have been on all sides of the spectrum, a VA mentor, VA applicant, VA hiring manager and a client.

Having sourced, hired, managed and fired freelancers for myself and my clients I know what a business is looking for when hiring and that is not always years of experience. In fact, I have rolled my eyes on applications that would just say “I have X years of experience as a…” and nothing more. I do not know if they expect me to guess if they are qualified or not or do they think that it is the prerequisite to getting hired. [Read more…]

How I Earned P865,656 in 2015 with my Freelancing Career


I Work Online From Home as a VA (Virtual Assistant)

P865,656 – It sure wasn’t easy but it is definitely attainable.

work online from home for freeDuring this period I work as a VA for roughly 40-43 hours a week. Of course, this includes the breaks we freelancers are accustomed to. This amount might seem low for programmers and designers working on the top of the freelance job pyramid but for a mere virtual assistant, it’s absolutely $$$! Who doesn’t agree with me? Then show me your bank account!

I’ve been working on oDesk since 2009 (after 3 months working in a call center). At first, I wasn’t aware of any online jobs work from home that would get me paid. Most of the google results back then would show money-making scheme that promises million of $$$ on affiliate marketing, blogging, clicking ads and doing surveys. They all make it look simple, but it wasn’t. And I was sure those sites made a few cents from my clicks. Anyway, as gullible as I was, I end up bouncing from one site to another and it all leads to a sign up form asking for your credit card information.

I mean, who has a credit card that looks for a first-time job online? (Considering you’re not a resident in the US as they seem to get credit cards so easily, I wonder how that is.)

Freelancing online is not easy. If you don’t have the patience and determination, then this career isn’t for you.

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How To Find Freelance Jobs When You Have No Experience?

Working online is one of the most common but not so easy way to make money especially when you are a newbie or let’s say an inexperienced human being. Whether you want to have a part time job or you’re a retiree, you are very welcome to join the gig. You can also enjoy the benefit of working online at the comfort of your home and you can sometimes choose what time you want to work as long as you can meet the deadline of the job.

Sounds interesting, right? But in order for you to be part of this job, work online from home and get paid, you need to answer the most common questions that every freelancer had encountered and these are:online jobs work from home-tips

How – to become a freelancer especially when you don’t have any experience?
Where – can you apply to find a legitimate job? (*of course nobody wants to fall into the pit hole of scam websites!) and
What – kind of jobs does it offer that suits your ability?

These are the major problems that often kill the littlest hope that lights your soul. But, I will give you the answer because me, myself also experienced this kind of trouble. I spent three months searching for the right website and as what the law of attraction states “Positive mind comes positive outcome.” Then, Upwork came into view. Yes, yes, it’s

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Tips on Landing Your Very First Client

Just a pebble in the water can cause the sea in motion. Life is full of domino effects as long as you know how to manage it. This domino effect is not only applicable with multiplying happiness or greatness. But for freelancers, this domino effect is also applied to having clients. If you can have one client, it can multiply into two, then into four, then into eight, and so forth. You just have to know how to get it. From Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents, finding your first client is the hardest for freelancing. So as a freelancer, how can you find your very first client?

Get it First Hand from Real Online Freelancers

who are now Rocking their Freelancing Career!

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5 Tips in Making a Proposal that Lands a Job

Take the proposal as you first real communication with a potential client. Don’t rush into copying and pasting your template. A proposal should not be overlooked and remember it can be a deal breaker! Always keep in mind that job proposals play a vital role in being hired.

Proposal WOrk Online from homeI know making a proposal is really hard especially when you don’t know what to write anymore or you already forgotten what were the things that you had written or included in your past submitted proposals. In order for you to grab your client’s attention you need to make a proposal that can make you stand out from your fellow bidders. Create a proposal that can give you a big impact to the client’s eyes and finally start your work online from home career.

One of the best things that you need to do in order to have a good job proposal is to make a template. A template will serve as your basis on how you should make your proposal and it comes handy when the time comes. Since you have a template there will be no reason for you to worry and you’ll have the time to think about how your proposal should be like. You need to craft it as good as you can.

As long as you finished making a template for your job proposal, you can just copy and paste it anytime when you find a job that suits you. Having a template can help you save your time. You can just submit as many proposals as you like. But keep in mind that, when submitting a proposal you need to carefully read the description of the job first because sometimes the clients put a secret word on their description that you need to include in your proposal. No matter how good your proposal is if you don’t follow their instructions it will be useless and most likely eliminating your proposal just like that.

Here are some tricks and tips in making a good proposal:

Make a long story short and be precise

Nobody wants to read a big block of text and reading long proposals can’t grab your client’s attention. It can be tiring for them since you are not the only one who had submitted proposals for their job. Of course, it should be precise and accurate. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone. Keep your proposal short but include all the ingredients that can make it tasty.

Get your client’s attention easily

Your first two sentences is your biggest chance of getting the job. In order to get their attention you need to be clever enough to construct these sentences. How can you grab someone’s attention? The answer is pretty simple, use their name! How can you get their name? Well, read at the feedback on your client’s profile. Freelancers used their first name to rate the client when their job is done. By addressing to their name you can make your application somehow personal.

Tell them why they need to work with you

Trust is the main foundation of getting the job. Your client always wants to know why they should hire you instead of your competitors. Show them what you’ve got. Let them know your advantages compare to your rivals. State your expertise and talents. Tell them your experiences and how many projects have you worked that gives you a good feedback. If it is relevant tell them about your education like what course have you graduated. But the most important thing is to stay humble and always state the facts.

Put your work samples at the beginning of your proposal

Your work samples serves as a blessing in disguise in your proposal since this is what the client’s often look for. Because of this they can somehow check if you are really capable of doing the job. If you think you have a good work sample then you are ahead of the pack.

Be professional and kind

When making a good proposal make sure that you are using the right words when addressing to your client. Use “Dear” instead of “Hi.” It only shows that you have a professional manners. Do not brag. Always start off on the right foot. Being kind means you are being friendly and give them an easy approach. Always choose a good closing line. Like “Best regards” or a “Thank you for reading my application.”

In order to really make a good proposal, you really need to make and test lots of it and sort out what gives you the best results. It’s like solving a scientific problem that you need to make many hypothesis and conduct different experiments first in order to get the best answer.