How to Create a Winning Freelancer Profile/Portfolio Even with Zero Client

work online for freeIf you had read my previous post, then you’re probably lost now in creating your profile. A freelancer’s profile is much the same with some of your social media’s personal pages.

Freelancer Portfolio/Profile sample

Don’t tell me you don’t have a facebook account. Having experienced filling your personal info – making a freelancer profile will be a little bit less difficult. Unlike your facebook and twitter pages, a portfolio needs to have a more professional tone. This is where you introduced yourself not just another mediocre individual looking for work but rather a serious and determined one. Keep in mind that what and how you put your information will differentiate you from other new freelancers. Samples on page 2. [Read more…]

Freelancer Profile Sample – How to Create a Winning Freelancer Profile

To give you an example. Here are some profile from freelancers who just started and never had any clients online. Learn from them and implement them in creating your own.

Just when you’re ready, you can start now and start in how to earn money online without any investment. Browse on the these online jobs, you never know,  a company might be looking for you. Join now.

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Why Hire the Philippines? Jobs for Filipino Freelancer Working Online

philippines online job freeFreelancing has been a trend not just for countries with English as their native language but to some countries who are able to understand it –mostly in third world countries. With the advancement in technology, workers are not confined in offices anymore. Options of being at home working online is now an option, either you work as part time or take it as a full time job. To work online at home for free is a great opportunity for online workers from these countries. Among these virtual workers are my Filipino co-freelancers.

We are everywhere

Where the job is – the Filipinos follow. This holds true to almost all employment opportunities that are offered to foreign countries. Where ever you go, you can find a Filipino worker.  This situation is comparable to virtual settings. More and more Philippine freelancers are flocking to online freelance marketplace to hopefully land a job. Learn more with Freelancer formula to turbo charge your chances in getting clients. [Read more…]

Working Online: Find Real Jobs with these Websites

work online for free at homeThere is a large number of people these days that are turning to internet, looking to solve their employment related problems. The world economy has got into worse conditions and the employment layoff levels are always increasing, in such cases that won’t look for a change. And, working from home or anywhere they are comfortable at sounds perfectly fine to many.  But people going for it should understand a basic principle: That it is not a piece of cake and requires rigorous hard work to earn a substantial amount. People should also get that, work is to be treated as work and nothing comes free.

Where to find work online jobs

Now there are hundreds of working online websites where anyone can work online at home for free . It is these sites where you do not need to pay to work online. There are many websites like,,, which offers thousands of freelance jobs and pay accordingly. These websites are of great help to people who are out of work and cannot find something suitable for themselves. The great thing about the freelance work online is that the interface is easy to use and it is convenient to talk to the contractors directly. They always give you advice to perform better, respond to your doubts properly. The job postings also vary a lot. There a hundreds of classification to choose from. From writing, designing, devising ideas, managing additional workload, consulting to much more.  Some top notch websites also offer technical help to its users by publishing about scams and ways to avoid it.

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Best Free Work Online from Home that PAYS!

work online at home for free payment proofHere’s the latest proof that Elance – a global employment platform PAYS! This is a snapshot for my balance for the month of November 2012. Work online now and Earn. Get jobs in data entry, transcription, web research, customer services, seo, article writing, logo and website designing, software development, Mobile development and much more.

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