Getting a Fresh Start as a Freelancer

work online for free- freelancingFreelancing offers a lot of opportunities. However, shifting from having a full time work to freelancing is not that easy. You must consider that competition is tougher. There are more freelancers offering the same services that you have and with experience working online. You need to convince clients and establish good reputation before you can earn. Although this is very hard when you are just starting. I even know someone from our facebook group who was in elance for quite some time but can’t land a single job. What I did was I hired him to do a research for me. Though the job cost only $15, nowhe already had a feedback on his portfolio. Not bad considering months ago he was staring at a blank client history, right?(Learn how you can create a freelancer portfolio even without clients here).  Our facebook group is a closely knit community that we try to help newbies. It would be good for you to search for this kind of group too.  [Read more…]

Working Online: Find Real Jobs with these Websites

work online for free at homeThere is a large number of people these days that are turning to internet, looking to solve their employment related problems. The world economy has got into worse conditions and the employment layoff levels are always increasing, in such cases that won’t look for a change. And, working from home or anywhere they are comfortable at sounds perfectly fine to many.  But people going for it should understand a basic principle: That it is not a piece of cake and requires rigorous hard work to earn a substantial amount. People should also get that, work is to be treated as work and nothing comes free.

Where to find work online jobs

Now there are hundreds of working online websites where anyone can work online at home for free . It is these sites where you do not need to pay to work online. There are many websites like,,, which offers thousands of freelance jobs and pay accordingly. These websites are of great help to people who are out of work and cannot find something suitable for themselves. The great thing about the freelance work online is that the interface is easy to use and it is convenient to talk to the contractors directly. They always give you advice to perform better, respond to your doubts properly. The job postings also vary a lot. There a hundreds of classification to choose from. From writing, designing, devising ideas, managing additional workload, consulting to much more.  Some top notch websites also offer technical help to its users by publishing about scams and ways to avoid it.

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Work Online at Home for Free: Article Writing

One of the most popular freelance job in the online market today is article writing. Small to even large companies outsource content creation to SEO companies and even individual contractors. With Elance and oDesk, you can find numerous article writing jobs. Competition might be a little competitive. Be prepared to cite samples if you are still a beginner. Start your work online at home for free career with these article writing jobs.
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Blog Writing Jobs

Looking for work? Sign up for a provider membership on Elance and find great clients today!

1. Need Writer for 10 Article about Printer

We are looking for someone to write paragraphs on assigned electronic topics. There will be 500-600 word original (not copied).


1. Please write 10 articles about “Canon Pixma MP495” and the long of article is about 500-600 words and make sure it is unique article.

2. Do not put the keyword (Canon Pixma MP495) on the title

3. Use keyword “canon wireless printer” in the main body max 5 keyword

4. You can email me the result on .doc file

5. Divide each article into at least 5 paragraphs

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oDesk: Getting Online Freelance Job

Real free work online from home jobs

Odesk is a freelance website, which provides a connection for employer and contractors regardless of their geographical location. oDesk is the best starter freelance site that I can recommend for countless reasons. For a start, it really is FREE and is not some get-rich scheme. Being an odesk provider can be a good stepping stone for getting work online for free.

Freelance Work: oDesk Overview

oDesk delivers an appealing business approach both for the employers (buyers or client) and individual or team contractors (providers). oDesk is the fastest growing online marketplace today because of its easy start-ups for which anyone can avail. The main business flow starts as an employer posts job which is then open to all oDesk contractors. These projects can be an hourly work or a fixed-price task.

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How To Start on oDesk as a Provider (Contractor)

Start your Freelancing Job with oDesk

Starting in oDesk is as simple as signing up an account in Facebook. So, I’ve made a simple step-by-step process for you to get started with your freelance work online. [Read more…]