oDesk Guide – Fixed Price Vs. Hourly Assignments

oDesk offers two schema of work. It can be either fixed or in hourly projects. In this marketplace, freelancers could work online at home for free. Some providers prefer one over the other, but they could also employ both approaches since oDesk does not limit one job at a time. Each provider could handle multiple projects depending on the capability to accomplish works at the predefined period of time.

Listed are points of Fixed Price Assignments
• Payment is based on deliverables
• No log time required, therefore you are the boss of your time
• Fixed payment is given regardless on how much hours you’ve spent for the completion of the project
• No payment guaranteed backed by oDesk – this approach lie on the trust between buyers and providers
• Good points in your profile but do not count toward accrued oDesk hours

Listed are points of Hourly Assignments
• Payment is based on the number of hours worked
• Log on oDesk Team Client application is required
• Work is monitored – Information recorded in the Work Diary includes keystroke volume, screenshots of a provider’s computer taken at roughly 10-minute intervals, and even optional webcam shots of the provider at his or her desk
• Payment is guaranteed – system automatically invoiced and billed to the buyer, and you will be paid weekly for work completed
• Offline works are not guaranteed, therefore inform the buyers regarding with this concern beforehand

Beginners in IT freelancing are subject to the question on how to determine your best rate according to web jobs managed. oDesk marketplace is very competitive. As beginners, who have not yet built any position, it might be essential to set the hourly rate a bit lower to hitch job opportunities. When good feedback history is established and documented on your profile, you can gradually inflate your rate to a figure that you are more comfortable and confident with.

As a summary, working online in oDesk can be in fixed price or by hour. Providers have an option on what type of work they could bid to. Setting a lower rate at the beginning can be considered an investment in your potential as an IT freelance professional.

oDesk Guide – Tips in Project Completion

Every person could build good name and reputation in working online. Once the providers got the project in oDesk, he has the prospect to work out to have and maintain a good profile. Successfully bidding the job is only the beginning of the process. IT freelancers working online could have diverse type of clients. It doesn’t matter whether the buyers are said to be ‘considerate’ or ‘bad bosses’ as you could refer to, what important is how to get easier to make the job well done.

Here are few of the tips in handling communication between you as the provider and to the clients regarding with the project completion.
1. Make sure to keep the client updated with the project’s progress
2. Ask questions and clarifications regarding with the project requirements and details
3. Meet with the deadline or let the client informed in advance for any delays that would occur
4. As possible, finish the project before deadline. This gives you more time for reviews
5. Complete the work assigned as settled with both parties.
6. For the hourly assignment projects, seek client’s permission for any offline hour plans. This is important for you to guarantee payment since log hours are automatically taken by the oDesk Team Client application.

It is vital to create good relationship between you and the buyers. After each oDesk project, both the buyers and providers are open to leave feedback concerning with the assignment. Feedback is permanent part of each accounts profile. It is critical to have good feedbacks from each buyer you have work with. Most of the clients get idea on the list of feedback you have, for them to recognize what type of worker you are.

If you look for a work online from home for free that really pay, oDesk is one of the best opportunities out there for you to succeed. Working online without investment is apparently what oDesk is for. Survival of freelancing requires good work experience and reputation. Therefore, it is essential to guided on how to have a successful completion of projects.

oDesk: Getting Online Freelance Job

Real free work online from home jobs

Odesk is a freelance website, which provides a connection for employer and contractors regardless of their geographical location. oDesk is the best starter freelance site that I can recommend for countless reasons. For a start, it really is FREE and is not some get-rich scheme. Being an odesk provider can be a good stepping stone for getting work online for free.

Freelance Work: oDesk Overview

oDesk delivers an appealing business approach both for the employers (buyers or client) and individual or team contractors (providers). oDesk is the fastest growing online marketplace today because of its easy start-ups for which anyone can avail. The main business flow starts as an employer posts job which is then open to all oDesk contractors. These projects can be an hourly work or a fixed-price task.

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oDesk Guide – Site Interface

Online job is one of the efficient ways to earn money from home. oDesk is a marketplace in which the employers and IT freelancers can contact one another. It has a simple and sleek interface for the visitors and users. Registered account users are capable to view and explore all the features of oDesk what can offer.

Navigating oDesk interface become easy because of the various tabs designed along the top of the page. This is used to navigate the site as a provider or a buyer.

1. Home – presents a straightforward information on how oDesk become part on the changing scheme of works
2. Tour – premeditated for the users to explore what is within around the website
3. Who Uses oDesk – includes profile of the employers who hires oDesk providers
4. FAQs – List of frequently asked questions
5. Press – features updated press releases
6. About Us – More Information of oDesk background

Find Providers & Jobs tab is designed to search what field of work the providers are interested with. The page listed the jobs under its designated categories. It shows also how many available projects are posted in the corresponding job. Providers can click on there interested field or simply use the search box on the left side. Find Jobs according to skills is also designed for the convenient of the providers on what skills are the buyers seeking for there said project. In this list, the providers can have a concrete idea on what programming skills, applications or platform the buyers are looking for.

Under the “Manage and Work” tab is the “Team Room” where you have the access to collaborate with the other team members or the client directly, and a “Work Diary” which shows your work progress. The “Payments” tab shows the record of your account financial activity.

As a freelancer, it is vital to know the different features of the marketplace you are working in. Spare enough time to explore the different parts of oDesk and you’ll realize how this site is simple to work on to.

Pinoy’s Best oDesk Payment Method

There are a lot of oDesk payment methods to choose from:
* ACH (aka Direct Deposit – US contractors only – Free)
* PayPal
* Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard
* Moneybookers
* Wire Transfer

Yet the best payment method that a Pinoy freelancer can use is through paypal. All you need to have is an account in paypal (free), your oDesk email account and any bank account to which the money will be withdrawn. I used EON from Unionbank because it’s the most accessible and less hassle.
When applying to paypal be sure to include or add your oDesk email (sample@odesk.com) as the primary email. Don’t panic if you’ll see limited account or needs to verify notice because this can be solve by taking the steps below.
You can check the detailed information here: How to Receive oDesk Earnings Through Paypal.

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