Work To Give – Community Outreach 2017

On November 12, 2017 at 3PM, we will be doing our annual give back to the community. This is our way of sharing our blessings to those who need it the most. This year, we will be visiting the abandoned and sick children of the Missionaries of Charity Davao, located at 82 Molave St, Talomo Davao City.

We are then requesting for your assistance to make this outreach program successful. You can pledge in cash and in kind, or you may also come and assist us on the day of the event.

Kindly make sure cash pledges are sent in on or before November 4, 2017. This will give us enough time to make the necessary purchases during the weekend, as we also have our Full Time jobs to attend to. Those who are willing to donate anything in kind, you can give your donations in advance or bring it during the event. Please get in touch with Gie Dalumpines, Agnes Galinato, or Tes Hervas.

Here are the list of items that they need:

• Diapers in any size (S,M,L,XL)S,M,L,XL)
• Milk (Nido, Bearbrand, Bonna)
• Cerelac
• Milo
• Groceries like laundry soap, bath soap, chlorine, etc.
• Vitamins in syrup form
• Medicines like paracetamol (you can also give Mercury Drug giftcards)

Kindly confirm if you are coming and willing to assist during the visit. This will only take 2 hours or less. We will also provide the children with food during that day and have a short program to entertain them.

Proverbs 22:9 “Be generous and share your food with the poor. You will be blessed for it.”

Acts 20:35 “I have shown you in all things that by working hard in this way we must help the weak, remembering the words that the Lord Jesus himself said, ‘There is more happiness in giving than in receiving.”

As acting channels of your contributions, we guarantee that 100% of this will go to the programs and activities and for helping the kids, sisters, and volunteers who manage the charitable institution. We will be presenting a tally of the total contributions and invoices of the expenses in our FB group

Thank you and God bless us all!

You can also donate via paypal:


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