Freelancer Interview – How to Ace it!

work online for free- freelancingRepetitive Interviews – a catch when working online as a freelancer. The interview is the final process for which determines whether you’re getting the job or applying for another job post. Preparation for interviews is a key element for every freelancer wanting to land a job they are interested in. Getting and landing a job online can be more difficult than doing the actual work. This is also the part when freelancers get nervous about. I don’t know about you, but freelancing for almost 4 years and I still sweat like a child.

Working online uses different ways in interviewing candidates. In my experience, they mostly do phone calls via skype. This gives you a great advantage since you don’t need to be concerned in your appearance. On the other hand, it would be difficult to distinguish the interviewer’s reaction to your answers. With phone interviews, your answer and how you deliver it is all that matters.

Freelancing Interview Preparation

Client Research

Companies or individual clients sometimes include their company names or a direct link when posting a job online. At times, they only describe the nature of their business. Take this as a possible way of knowing your clients better. Research their organization, main products, their audience and how they operate. During the interview, clients can sense your enthusiasm and seriousness if you have background knowledge on their business. Yes, 1 point for you!

Prepare a Personal Bio Pitch

I had been interviewed countless times and believe it or not, interviewers really asks “Tell me about yourself”. Be sure to prepare a short but straightforward answer to this. Make your pitch tailored toward how productive and efficient you are as an employee. Highlight instances where you became a key player.

Cheat Sheet

When applying for a job, you definitely send a resume to your client. Be sure to have it in front of you during the interview. Walk them through some jobs you’ve done in the past that can relate to their job posting. Send them the URLs of your past works. If you’re a student, you can send a sample document for them to review.

Always be prepared to back every information you have in your resume. One little detail that you can’t explain can dismiss any possibility in getting the job.

Know your Availability and Delivery Schedule

Either you’re a new freelancer or been on the job for some time, it is best that you have a clear time management when applying for a new job. Clients will ask how many hours you can allocate for their task – be sure to give them a close estimation for the delivery schedule. Don’t over promise. Take into consideration the difficulty of the job before giving out your turnaround time.

Ask Questions

As the interview takes its course, you’ll have a clear image of what the client wants from you. If you are confused on something, don’t hesitate to ask. Just be sure it relates to the job. Show your eagerness, but not too much.

Follow Up

Online freelancing guarantees on the spot hiring. However, there are companies that have more steps to follow before hiring one. It is best to follow up on your interview to let the client’s know you are still interested.

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