Getting a Fresh Start as a Freelancer

work online for free- freelancingFreelancing offers a lot of opportunities. However, shifting from having a full time work to freelancing is not that easy. You must consider that competition is tougher. There are more freelancers offering the same services that you have and with experience working online. You need to convince clients and establish good reputation before you can earn. Although this is very hard when you are just starting. I even know someone from our facebook group who was in elance for quite some time but can’t land a single job. What I did was I hired him to do a research for me. Though the job cost only $15, nowhe already had a feedback on his portfolio. Not bad considering months ago he was staring at a blank client history, right?(Learn how you can create a freelancer portfolio even without clients here).  Our facebook group is a closely knit community that we try to help newbies. It would be good for you to search for this kind of group too. 

First, you must take a short course on the field in which you hope to freelance. This will help you develop skills and build idea on the said field. You need discipline and patience to deal with clients as well as finish the required work. Nevertheless, there is an easier way to make the transition to freelancing from full-time employment.Second, keep your day job and freelance on the side. You can build up your client base and still enjoy the perks of a full-time job.

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From this, you’ll get a better idea of whether you will love freelancing and whether you’ll be able to support yourself as a freelancer. After a while, if you are really into freelancing you can venture something new from one specialized skills to another. By doing this, you can take course to improve your skills. At the same time build clients, offer more services and earn more.

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