How To Find Freelance Jobs When You Have No Experience?

Working online is one of the most common but not so easy way to make money especially when you are a newbie or let’s say an inexperienced human being. Whether you want to have a part time job or you’re a retiree, you are very welcome to join the gig. You can also enjoy the benefit of working online at the comfort of your home and you can sometimes choose what time you want to work as long as you can meet the deadline of the job.

Sounds interesting, right? But in order for you to be part of this job, work online from home and get paid, you need to answer the most common questions that every freelancer had encountered and these are:online jobs work from home-tips

How – to become a freelancer especially when you don’t have any experience?
Where – can you apply to find a legitimate job? (*of course nobody wants to fall into the pit hole of scam websites!) and
What – kind of jobs does it offer that suits your ability?

These are the major problems that often kill the littlest hope that lights your soul. But, I will give you the answer because me, myself also experienced this kind of trouble. I spent three months searching for the right website and as what the law of attraction states “Positive mind comes positive outcome.” Then, Upwork came into view. Yes, yes, it’s

Upwork is a freelancing company that is owned by Elance and oDesk. It’s a freelancing site that offers different online jobs work from home opportunities. If you are a writer of any sort, an accountant (you don’t need to be a CPA to qualify actually) or an artists, it’s your chance to shine! But hey! If you don’t possess any of these just like me, this is still a perfect fit for you!

Because the important requirement that Upwork need is you must be equipped with an amazing skill or talent that you want to share and the guts to do the job being offered. You don’t really need to become one of those to qualify as long as you are knowledgeable or familiar in doing those things and if you think you have the ability to do it then hit sign up.

Signing up is FREE and you just need to wait 12 hours after signing up because they are going to review your application then after that you can start submitting your proposals. You can now enjoy working online without investment in your own leisure. There you go mate! The answer is already at the tip of your fingertips. It’s just one click away!Online Job work from Home

Ooops! But wait! Don’t visit the website first. I know you’re very eager to start. But let me first give you a little run through on what to expect and how Upwork works. Once you’re done you can now enjoy as one of the Upworkers.
Ready to start? Then sit back and relax. Keep reading and get some hints from these. Now, without further ado I present to you the things that you’ll face to become an Upworker!

What to Expect?

I’ll give you a straightforward answer about this one since I don’t want to keep this long and this will be based on my own experience. Expect that it will be really difficult when you are new and you have no experience working as a freelancer. It’s very difficult that you’ll reach to the point realizing that the struggle is real even in online jobs. Why it’s difficult? Here’s the reason that can be considered:

• Your working freelancer profile is not yet as good as others.
• You have many competitors
• You earn low rates at first
• Since you’re new or inexperienced you don’t have clients to rate you as a freelancer.
• Nobody knows you. Nobody knows what it is like to work with you and clients most likely disregards your proposals because nobody bothered to review you.

All the things listed above sums up to the difficulty to get hired by a client. These are the things that makes it difficult to work and earn. Your success in this job does not depends on you alone but also to your client. Of course it’s obvious, because without them there is no job for you to do and no one will pay you. At first, I thought that this will be a short run because it’s easy, all I need to do is to get hired and be paid but instead I ended up running a marathon! But every problem comes with a solution right? So, here’s the secret to get a higher chance of being hired!

Your Upwork Profile

Your profile serves as your face to this freelancing site. Let people know you by filling all the things that needs to be filled up. You need to showcase everything you’ve got. Your expertise and experience is a must.

Upload a photo that looks decent. A high quality headshot is a must. Bring out your sweetest smile and please try to look friendly.

This section is the first thing that the client sees when checking your profile. This may look simple but it can give you a hand. In order to get your client’s attention you need to be simple and specific. Choose keywords that highlights your skills. It should be precisely aligned to what job your best or capable of doing.

Use this section to tell the client what you can do for them. Focus on your category specific skills. Make sure to grab the attention of the client on your first two sentences because this is what the clients sees in the search results of Upwork and don’t forget to showcase your talent and skills.

Dare to be different? Then this part is for you. Most of the Upworkers skip this section so, this can really make you shine. In order to have a good 30 seconds video clip you need to have:

• A good script because you need to deliver what you’ll want to say at your best
• Use a digital camera or smartphone that can give you a great video resolution
• Record with good lighting because bad lighting can make your video look like it’s a low quality video
• Put the setup in a clean and quite place so that you can focus more on what you really want to do
• Make sure you look at your best business casual attire when you start filming. Just be yourself and enjoy.
• Review your video to see if you’re satisfied with the result.
• Upload it on Youtube then change the title of your video to “Your Full Name – Introduction.”
• Make sure that the “Allow Embedding” is checked in the Advanced settings tab of Youtube.
• Add the video to your Upwork profile by copying and paste the link into the text field.

Here’s a sample video from an upworker Czarina de los Reyes-Guevara – Customer Service Manager

This is the best place for you to show your experience and tell clients what kind of projects you’ve done in the past. It’s like giving them a peek of your employment history and give them insights about your qualifications that can put you into consideration of being hired as one of their future workers.

This section can really help you enhance your profile by validating your credentials and education background. State what school are you from and also your degree. In case you don’t have a formal education you can use the “Other Experiences” section and add all self-taught and informal education that you had.

How does Upwork Works?

After you’ve accomplished everything that needs to be done you can now enjoy the benefit of finding a online job that fits your abilities. You can also download their mobile app and it’s super easy to use. How can you earn? Well, Upwork gets a percentage of your income because that’s how they earn too. You can visit their terms if you want to know more. It is fair because Upwork is like a house that is filled with job opportunities and all you need to do is to enter their door and find a job that suits you. You can withdraw your earnings in any way that you want whether it is through PayPal, your bank account or other else.

There you go my future fellow Upworkers. If you want to earn and find a job that you can really trust then what are you waiting for? Visit the website now at and enjoy the privilege of being one of us. Being a newbie is difficult but hold on and take courage because it will be worth it at the end.

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