How To Start on oDesk as a Provider (Contractor)

Start your Freelancing Job with oDesk

Starting in oDesk is as simple as signing up an account in Facebook. So, I’ve made a simple step-by-step process for you to get started with your freelance work online.
1. Homepage –
Be sure to click on the CONTRACTOR portion. A lot made error on this part.

How Work Online For free

How Work Online For free
2. Sign-up in oDesk for a Free Account
You will be filling up this page about yourself and be sure to put the right information to avoid any future slip-up.

How Work Online For free
3. Just before creating your profile in oDesk, there are 4 items in the checklist to be done.
Verify your email address – click the link to get verified

How Work Online For free
Fill out contact information – contact information necessary for financial processes

How Work Online For free
Complete your oDesk Profile – your specific category in oDesk as a freelance. There are numerous categories to choose from, you just have to check what you think you are capable of. It is also in this portion that you are asked about your hourly rate and weekly availability working online.

How Work Online For free    How Work Online For free
Accept the oDesk User Agreement – read the legal agreement relating as working as a freelancer in oDesk.

How Work Online For free

4. Welcome! Your one of the aspiring online Freelancer with millions of competitors. But worry not because online work is really boosting!
Don’t get upset by the lengthy Contractor Profile that you need to fill. Remember it’s your stepping stone to get a great impression with future employers (clients) even without experience. Take time to browse other users and take it as a guide. It’s ok to have a guide, but please put a personal touch and some originality in your profile.
Good Luck!

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