Interview with an Online Freelance Designer : Daryl Tagimacruz

Freelancer Hot Spot : Daryl Tagimacruz

Daryl Tagimacruz Online web designer freelancerAdvertising Materials and Designs

Davao City, Philippines

“learn to stand on your own, but dont isolate yourself from the world” – Daryl

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Here’s another graphic designer from my alma mater (University of Southeastern Philippines). After graduating, he worked as an in house graphic designer for a desktop publishing and later on for an advertising company. By 2013, he started venturing out the risky world of freelancing.

Let’s see what Daryl Tagimacruz’s been doing as an online graphic designer and how he maintained to be successful on the global market.

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1. When and how did you start working online as a freelancer?

I started looking for contracts last April 2013 and got my first contract on June of the same year. I started to work on my projects on internet cafes carrying with me an external hard drive. So every time I work, I had to install the time tracker, but my design tools are mostly portable.

ME: I mostly heard the same situations from designers on their early years. It wasn’t easy to have your own computer unit back then.

2. Do you have any background when you started applying for jobs?

I used to work for a couple of advertising companies in Davao. The 1st one mostly caters to Tarpaulin banners.
The 2nd one, caters mostly on corporate accounts and brands both here and abroad, to name a few are Abreeza Ayala Mall (Davao),SM Lanang Premier (Davao), Loreal Phil, Uniliver Phil, Espressamente illy, and so much more. Other than these I had no jobs before being a freelancer “ow I almost forgot I became a internet cafe attendant, dota player, kundoktor ng jeep rin”

ME: Just goes to show that we don’t have to be on the same footing forever. We have to be decisive. If we aim higher and work hard, progress would be an inevitable future. Words of which I’m still trying to live up with. :>

3. What are the biggest challenges you faced when dealing with clients from other countries?

Writing my cover letter, I didn’t finished college and constantly cutting classes in high school “so sadyang ang hina ko po tlga sa English”. And also every time a client ask for sample works, even with my outstanding CV, I had no sample works to show in my profile, cause mostly if not all of my previous works where covered with copyrights.

ME: Got it right! Among the first snags in freelancing is having no portfolio to show your potential clients. I have friends asking how they can compete with others who already have built portfolios. Sad to say you have to be creative in applying for jobs. Mention jobs you have before and how you got the skills to succeed in it. This would also include bidding for jobs lower than the other freelancers. I have an article discussing this problem – How to Create a Winning Freelancer Profile/Portfolio Even with Zero Client

4. Perks in becoming an online freelancer.

Best perks. . . control my time . . travel . . multitasking on the different level

5. Advice you can give for newbies.

As a freelancer you need to treat yourself as a business owner and not an employee. Don’t settle for a single contract, always have your safety net. Don’t focus on your work and income, but on your achievements. Earning big is already given in the freelancer world, but also do exercise your freedom. Don’t keep your feet on the ground, I mean to say is always aim to be bigger and boulder “compete with the world“.

Always ask for help and assistance, but before you ask a question to a fellow freelancer, always ask customer support of the freelancer platform that you are on and of course “GOOGLE” :).

Bottom line is “learn to stand on your own, but don’t isolate yourself from the world” . . .

ME: Yeah, working online definitely takes a toll on our social life, even with our health. That’s why I’m grateful that I have someone pushing me in doing sports activities.

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