Interview with an Online Freelancer : Kaila Sharlene de los Reyes – Bedural

Freelancer Hot Spot : Kaila Sharlene de los Reyes – Bedural

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Web Design, Web Development, SEO, Article Writing, Graphic Design, Marketing, Transcription

San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines

“The key is to be determined. Also, don’t settle for what you only know.” – Sha

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Here’s another work online from home freelancer from Laguna in the Philippines.

Let’s see what Sha’s been doing as an online freelancer, working as a virtual assistant and how she maintained to be successful on the global market.  Aside from providing assistance to clients, Sha shares a lot of productivity tips for online ninjas just like me! With her latest post about upgrading skills, you can check it here: “How I Upgrade Skills from Data Entry All the Way to Web Development” there’s no telling what we can do as well.

Again, thank you for this opportunity and giving us a sneak peek in your online career history. Hopefully you’ll never get tired of giving back to the community!

1. When and how did you start working online as a freelancer?

I signed up to several freelancing platforms year 2011. I was still working in the BPO industry back then so I wasn’t so serious about finding an online job. However, I decided to quit working in the corporate world when I got pregnant. I’ve found an online work (can’t remember the exact date but it was 2011) from a BPO company in the Philippines. I just worked for several months and then things didn’t go well because of the changes with their policies. April 2012, I’ve finally landed my first job on oDesk (now Upwork). Since then, I’ve been working through Upwork. Then last year, 2016, I started receiving direct clients when I built my own website. Now, my earnings don’t come from Upwork alone.

2. Do you have any background when you started applying for jobs?

I worked in the BPO industry and all I can do was data entry and research. I never thought that I would make a breakthrough in the digital world. Thankfully, I managed to upgrade skills over time – from data entry to Virtual assistant to SEO to web design & web development.

3. What are the biggest challenges you faced when dealing with clients from other countries?

Time differences. There were instances that I had to reject job offers because other clients require to work on their time zone. I couldn’t adjust because I have a son who couldn’t sleep without me on his side.

4. What has been your most interesting project?

Web designs. I’ve done a lot of websites and this is the thing I enjoyed the most. When I was starting with freelancing, I don’t have many skills to put on my profile. But then when I decided to upgrade my skills, I end up interested in what I do. So every time I receive web designing contracts, I feel so excited.

5. Can you share some of the strange/weird job/s you accepted working online?

So far, nothing strange in a negative way. I do, however, have a client who asked me to design his website even I don’t have an experience at all. Weird, I know! But it turns out great! That was the first step of my learning to upgrade my skills to web design.

6. Perks in becoming an online freelancer.

A lot. Never a day that I have to leave my baby. I can take care of him so there’s no need to hire a nanny. It’s hard at first but it’s just all about multitasking and time management. Freelancers don’t have the hassle of commuting. We can work anywhere, so we were able to travel a lot! Also, higher earnings compared to local jobs. But it still depends on one’s skills so the topic of earnings is subjective. We can decide our own schedule so taking a leave at work is not a very big problem.

7. Advice you can give for newbies.

Don’t lose hope. Venturing out to freelancing isn’t easy at first. But once you get the hang of it and you’re really capable of doing things, you will surely succeed. The key is to be determined. Also, don’t settle for what you only know. In order to earn more in this field, you also have to add skills and value to your profile. You need to be versatile in order for you to get higher chances of getting hired.


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