Interview with an Online Freelancer : Rea Sophia L. Yadao

Freelancer Hot Spot : Rea Sophia L. Yadao


I provide remote executive administrative services and back office needs to soloprenenurs, SMBs and SME’s located in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe.

I also provide training for Filipinos who would like to start their online jobs career thru


“The online jobs industry is not full of dreams and rainbows. Like any other job, it has its ups and downs. But if you do decide to have an online jobs career, you have to be prepared physically, emotionally, financially and mentally. ” – Rea

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Here’s another work online from home mom from somewhere in the Philippines.

Let’s see what Rea’s been doing as an online freelancer, working as a virtual assistant and how she maintained to be successful on the global market.  Aside from providing assistance to clients, Rea shares a lot of productivity tips for online ninjas just like me!

Again, thank you for this opportunity and giving us a sneak peek in your online career history. Hopefully you’ll never get tired of giving back to the community!

1. When and how did you start working online as a freelancer?

I started working online last 2013. My marriage then was on the rocks and I needed an additional source of income on top of my regular work. I took a part time job doing back office support online and do it after I go home for about 3-4 hours. I have been doing that for nearly 4 months when I got retrenched from my regular job. I was given a good separation pay which I used to buy a good laptop and I paid the tuition fees of my two children for the whole year.

I started going full time by asking and researching on what services I should offer and which websites should I go to to get an online job. Before I created my online profile, I researched first and assess what clients were looking for and what I can offer as a service based on my skills.

2. Do you have any background when you started applying for jobs?

Before I went full time as an online job professional, I was already doing it on a part-time basis. On top of that, I also have 10+ years of experience working in the BPO Industry both in Customer Service and Technical Support and 6 years of those spent as a supervisor handling an average of 10-15 agents.

3. What are the biggest challenges you faced when dealing with clients from other countries?

Since I have been doing this for years now, I feel the biggest challenges so far is still the internet speed we have in the Philippines and the limited options a person can have with regard to their internet service. The infrastructure here in PH has not yet caught up with the world specifically in Asia.

The other challenge I usually have is the time zone difference as I now have clients located in the US, Australia, UK, Canada and more so adjusting to the time could be very hard especially since I am a solo parent and I also have parental responsibilities to do on top of my work. 🙂

4. What has been your most interesting project?

Almost all of my projects are interesting. I look for clients that would suit my skills with tasks that I would love to do so all of my projects are very interesting.

5. Can you share some of the strange/weird job/s you accepted working online?

I haven’t had one yet. Like I said, I look for clients that would need my skills and tech knows how, so weird jobs are out of my radar (so far…).

6. Perks in becoming an online freelancer.

I have a gazillion of reasons but here are a few of them:

  1. I am an introvert so not being in an office setting with office mates is awesome.
  2. I get to do what I love and do it with people that I choose to work with.
  3. Each day is different and I get to learn different things every day.
  4. I get to spend a lot of time with my children and I can stay at home but still be able to work.
  5. I get to teach people about what I do and spread the word about online jobs.

7. Advice you can give for newbies.

The online jobs industry is not full of dreams and rainbows. Like any other job, it has its ups and downs. But if you do decide to have an online jobs career, you have to be prepared physically, emotionally, financially and mentally. 🙂


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