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freelancerInterviewVector Artist and Illustrator

Pampanga, Philippines

“Developed the skills that you really love first and focus on that until you decide to go in this path” – Narciso

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Illustrator Vector Artist Mascot Design Character Design Brand Identity

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1. When and how did you start working online as a freelancer?

I started being a fulltime freelancer last 2008 through contest which I don’t recommend if your just starting, why? because you won’t become a rockstar artist someday. This was just a stepping stone for me to developed my skills and have a place as an artist in the internet.

2. Do you have any background when you started applying for jobs?

Yes, I developed my skills not just in contest I also train and work in a company as a web designer it become easy for me to achieved the skills I need as I have a background in Fine Arts. In freelancing you can’t sell what you don’t have, so be sure you already acquired the skills you love and choose quality over quantity.

3. What are the biggest challenges you faced when dealing with clients from other countries?

The biggest challenges? one is making a solutions to what they really need because of the difference in culture you might missed an important information if you didn’t ask or research their company. Two clients that don’t know what they really looking for and the last thing I wished all the client knows how to value our skills.

4. Perks in becoming an online freelancer.

Of course the TIME I have all the freedom I need, to pray, to train, to practice and to spend most of the time to my family. But still we need to manage our time in a productive ways.

5. Advice you can give for newbies.

Well, developed the skills that you really love first and focus on that until you decide to go in this path. Freelancing was never easy it will take you years to learn, practice, invest and sacrifice. When you already there just don’t depend on a single income make investment to create a second source like Warren Buffet says. To God Be the Glory!!!

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