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Odesk is a freelance website, which provides a connection for employer and contractors regardless of their geographical location. oDesk is the best starter freelance site that I can recommend for countless reasons. For a start, it really is FREE and is not some get-rich scheme. Being an odesk provider can be a good stepping stone for getting work online for free.

Freelance Work: oDesk Overview

oDesk delivers an appealing business approach both for the employers (buyers or client) and individual or team contractors (providers). oDesk is the fastest growing online marketplace today because of its easy start-ups for which anyone can avail. The main business flow starts as an employer posts job which is then open to all oDesk contractors. These projects can be an hourly work or a fixed-price task.

Freelance Work: oDesk Solution

Gives solution to people to manage their business to cope with the fast-paced industry with the best business model. A win-win solution for growing businesses and for individual contractors who are working at the convenience of their homes.

As an employer, you can easily post job, hire a contractor and pay the job done. For contractors, create a catchy profile, apply on open jobs, be ready for interviews, start working – hourly or fixed and GET PAID!
This might sound too good to be true but I can assure you that oDesk is real. Online work was never been so reachable until oDesk was discovered ;>

Here’s a video summarizing how oDesk works:


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  1. you should try caeefrtelanger.com and scriptlance.com for the first time. Though I like odesk very much, but most freelancers starts their career using the first 2 sites. The simple thing you should keep in mind that, if you apply joomla job, you should have some portfolio of joomla. Otherwise it is tough to get job.

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