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work online at home for freeMany people get interested in working online for free. And before starting to engage in any jobs in web, profile is necessary. This is similar to a resume. Freelancers must spare enough time in creating one to be interesting for the clients. Good profile is helpful in guaranteeing the buyers that you are capable to accomplish the specified jobs.


Customers generally prefer to give projects to a person who has all the details appropriately mentioned on his profile which helps client to judge the fact that the freelancer is worth looking at or not. If it’s your first time to gist the idea on becoming a freelancer then I would recommend to ultimately build your profile strongly to draw in potential customers.

You got to think and ask yourself what you have to offer. Think these issues over and try to choose the best explanations. What do you have to offer clients? How can you solve potential customers’ concerns? How will you be quite as good as other experts in your field?

The best tip is always LOOK AT OTHERS page. Again, examine other individual’s profiles. What do appeals to you about the profiles that you see? Incorporate these particular effective qualities into your way with words. Be Extremely Precise! Provide samples of specific performances that you’ve got completed. Express the way that you dealt with these clients.

If you happen to be new in your area, and you’re hunting for your first job then you should offer your assistance at no cost or for a minimal charge to get several working experience. You got to build some experience for clients to consider you. If this is your situation then you will need to fixate more on your own education and learning and competencies while you are writing your profile.

In oDesk, profile has different parts and each of this must be considered. Try to incorporate the tips in every section and be specific. List all your skills, there’s no harm in providing information, may it be as simple as using Microsoft word.

• Title – This section is very significant. This let the buyers know what skill or services you could offer. It must be brief enough, all in one line, showcasing your specific experiences and skills.

• Portrait – It is more admirable to use a professional photograph of your self.
• Email – This info is kept by oDesk in order to send massages, notifications and any account concerns. Practical email address is in first name and last name format. But whatever email address you have listed, make sure it is checked regularly.
• Hourly Rate – Providers have the option to lower or higher the established rate that has been presented for each particular job. Make sure it is reasonable enough to fit your skills and favorable on the part of the clients also.
• Profile Access – In creating a profile, you have the option to make this visible to everyone or just to the account users in oDesk system.
• Availability – Make sure to set a number of hours you are available for each week or period of time without compromising your comfort and accessibility to work.
• Portfolio – This section helps you more to get the interest of the clients. Attach documents, files and projects from your past completed works.
• History and Experiences – Fill in completely your educational and employment attainment like with a usual job application. List your skills, certificates received, programs attended, and any experiences that would be helpful for your qualification in the said projects you wanted to bid for.

One of the must in freelancing is having a good profile. Therefore, prior to the interest to work online and earn, your resume must be in tip-top shape. It must be updated and an accurate representation of your experience and skills.

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