oDesk Guide – Site Interface

Online job is one of the efficient ways to earn money from home. oDesk is a marketplace in which the employers and IT freelancers can contact one another. It has a simple and sleek interface for the visitors and users. Registered account users are capable to view and explore all the features of oDesk what can offer.

Navigating oDesk interface become easy because of the various tabs designed along the top of the page. This is used to navigate the site as a provider or a buyer.

1. Home – presents a straightforward information on how oDesk become part on the changing scheme of works
2. Tour – premeditated for the users to explore what is within around the website
3. Who Uses oDesk – includes profile of the employers who hires oDesk providers
4. FAQs – List of frequently asked questions
5. Press – features updated press releases
6. About Us – More Information of oDesk background

Find Providers & Jobs tab is designed to search what field of work the providers are interested with. The page listed the jobs under its designated categories. It shows also how many available projects are posted in the corresponding job. Providers can click on there interested field or simply use the search box on the left side. Find Jobs according to skills is also designed for the convenient of the providers on what skills are the buyers seeking for there said project. In this list, the providers can have a concrete idea on what programming skills, applications or platform the buyers are looking for.

Under the “Manage and Work” tab is the “Team Room” where you have the access to collaborate with the other team members or the client directly, and a “Work Diary” which shows your work progress. The “Payments” tab shows the record of your account financial activity.

As a freelancer, it is vital to know the different features of the marketplace you are working in. Spare enough time to explore the different parts of oDesk and you’ll realize how this site is simple to work on to.

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