oDesk Guide – Tips in Project Completion

Every person could build good name and reputation in working online. Once the providers got the project in oDesk, he has the prospect to work out to have and maintain a good profile. Successfully bidding the job is only the beginning of the process. IT freelancers working online could have diverse type of clients. It doesn’t matter whether the buyers are said to be ‘considerate’ or ‘bad bosses’ as you could refer to, what important is how to get easier to make the job well done.

Here are few of the tips in handling communication between you as the provider and to the clients regarding with the project completion.
1. Make sure to keep the client updated with the project’s progress
2. Ask questions and clarifications regarding with the project requirements and details
3. Meet with the deadline or let the client informed in advance for any delays that would occur
4. As possible, finish the project before deadline. This gives you more time for reviews
5. Complete the work assigned as settled with both parties.
6. For the hourly assignment projects, seek client’s permission for any offline hour plans. This is important for you to guarantee payment since log hours are automatically taken by the oDesk Team Client application.

It is vital to create good relationship between you and the buyers. After each oDesk project, both the buyers and providers are open to leave feedback concerning with the assignment. Feedback is permanent part of each accounts profile. It is critical to have good feedbacks from each buyer you have work with. Most of the clients get idea on the list of feedback you have, for them to recognize what type of worker you are.

If you look for a work online from home for free that really pay, oDesk is one of the best opportunities out there for you to succeed. Working online without investment is apparently what oDesk is for. Survival of freelancing requires good work experience and reputation. Therefore, it is essential to guided on how to have a successful completion of projects.

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