oDesk Guide – Site Interface

Online job is one of the efficient ways to earn money from home. oDesk is a marketplace in which the employers and IT freelancers can contact one another. It has a simple and sleek interface for the visitors and users. Registered account users are capable to view and explore all the features of oDesk what […]

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Tips on Freelancing Job Online

work online free jobs

From a vast of people interested in working online for free with free work online from home, one should have a key on how to win the desired posted job. Here are some of the tips on how to become competitive enough from the other aspiring freelancers.     PROFILE TIPS FOR APPLYING

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Freelance without Experience: Afraid to Try?

Work Online For free

How can I start to work online at home for free? Fact: Everything starts with nothing. This holds true to every freelancer out there. They start without anything. A degree, past job or even a part-time task doesn’t dictate the course of your online career, yet it sometimes helps! Working online is about taking risks. […]

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Pinoy’s Best oDesk Payment Method

There are a lot of oDesk payment methods to choose from: * ACH (aka Direct Deposit – US contractors only – Free) * PayPal * Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard * Moneybookers * Wire Transfer PAYPAL Yet the best payment method that a Pinoy freelancer can use is through paypal. All you need to have is an […]

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oDesk Guide – Providers Readiness Test

Working online for free is not that plain as most have thought. It is not enough to get registered, make profile, find job, and assume that you could bid the said project. Most of the time free work online from home needs some kind of an initial test. Every freelancer must need to be proficient and […]

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