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ralph soriano - online freelance job


3d Designer and Architect

Baguio City, Philippines

“Perseverance is KEY” – Ralph

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Categories and skills :

  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Master Planning
  • Architectural Visualization
  • Product Visualization

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1. When and how did you start working online as a freelancer?

– I started working “part time” as an online freelancer about 2 years ago because I wanted to have an extra source of income, but it was way back 2008 where I was unconsciously laying the foundations to where I am today. About 2 years ago, someone contacted me about an ad for 3d rendering services I posted way back in college (2008), he became my client and after the project he referred me to linkedin. I became a member and started marketing myself again and I started getting more clients. Then I started searching for more sites where I can get more clients online, I started using freelancer, odesk, Elance and guru as well. But it was in Elance where I excelled. When I was getting  more clients online and getting paid better than my day job, that was when I started to consider doing this full time. After considering all the risks involved plus a lot of sleepless nights, I turned in my resignation and I was on my way.

2. Do you have any background when you started applying for online freelancing jobs?

-For online jobs, when I started I didn’t. But for day jobs, Yes. I was always looking for better opportunities when I was still working full time and I just kept sending out my resume to different companies. As I found out, both online and full time applications are pretty much the same. You just have to be confident about the work and service you provide and the rest will follow.

3. What are the biggest challenges you faced when dealing with clients from other countries?

-One of the biggest challenge of course is the time difference. Since most of my clients are on the other side of the world, I normally work at night and it will really screw up your sleeping patterns. But in the next months I will be adjusting my work system into a more standard 8am-5pm routine in order to solve this challenge.

-Another one is dealing with some clients that are hard to work with (too demanding, unrealistic deadline, provides insufficient info, etc.). Always remember to choose your clients wisely. Don’t worry, at this era there will always be people looking to hire you if you have the capabilities they need. So if you have to decline some projects from past clients who are just a pain to work with, do it.

4. Perks in becoming an online freelancer.


Time management is key for this one, you can work when you want to, go on a vacation if you want to, just as long as you finish the project on time.


Since you are the person responsible in getting projects, you will have to step up and learn new skills and refining your craft. That will always be challenging. You will find yourself in positions where you haven’t done things like that before and you have no choice but to push yourself to do it. Remember, in online jobs, the competition is high but the possibilities are endless.


I can absolutely say that I am happier working as a freelancer online as compared to when I was still working for a company. There is no office politics, opportunities are equal, and you take credit on what you did.

When I started working full time online, I already have more time to do the things I love doing.

Lastly, it always puts a smile on my face when a client gives me a very good rating and feedback.

-Pay is good

The only limit of your salary will depend on you. If you exert a lot of effort, you will probably earn big. But it may take a toll on your body, so always try as much as possible to balance your work and rest.

5. Advice you can give for newbies.

The most important advice I can give to newbies is that “perseverance is key”. It will not be easy getting clients at first but never ever give up. In my case, it took months before I got my first client on elance but it was worth it. This is a trial and error process, so you’ll make adjustments as you move forward. Just keep planting seeds and something will  eventually grow.

Next advice is never, and I mean NEVER low ball on your professional fee. If the client can’t pay you for the price you NEED, decline the project properly and state your reason. Not only will you save yourself from the headache and stress that the cheap project will give you, but the client will respect you as well.

Another would be to complete your profile. That will be the first thing your prospect client will see, so it is a 100% requirement that you complete your profile. Clients want to know your background, and see your capabilities through your portfolio.

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