Interview with an Online Freelance Designer : Daryl Tagimacruz

Freelancer Hot Spot : Daryl Tagimacruz

Daryl Tagimacruz Online web designer freelancerAdvertising Materials and Designs

Davao City, Philippines

“learn to stand on your own, but dont isolate yourself from the world” – Daryl

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Here’s another graphic designer from my alma mater (University of Southeastern Philippines). After graduating, he worked as an in house graphic designer for a desktop publishing and later on for an advertising company. By 2013, he started venturing out the risky world of freelancing.

Let’s see what Daryl Tagimacruz’s been doing as an online graphic designer and how he maintained to be successful on the global market.

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1. When and how did you start working online as a freelancer? [Read more…]