oDesk: Getting Online Freelance Job

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Odesk is a freelance website, which provides a connection for employer and contractors regardless of their geographical location. oDesk is the best starter freelance site that I can recommend for countless reasons. For a start, it really is FREE and is not some get-rich scheme. Being an odesk provider can be a good stepping stone for getting work online for free.

Freelance Work: oDesk Overview

oDesk delivers an appealing business approach both for the employers (buyers or client) and individual or team contractors (providers). oDesk is the fastest growing online marketplace today because of its easy start-ups for which anyone can avail. The main business flow starts as an employer posts job which is then open to all oDesk contractors. These projects can be an hourly work or a fixed-price task.

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Tips on Freelancing Job Online

work online free jobs

From a vast of people interested in working online for free with free work online from home, one should have a key on how to win the desired posted job. Here are some of the tips on how to become competitive enough from the other aspiring freelancers.


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Pinoy’s Best oDesk Payment Method

There are a lot of oDesk payment methods to choose from:
* ACH (aka Direct Deposit – US contractors only – Free)
* PayPal
* Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard
* Moneybookers
* Wire Transfer

Yet the best payment method that a Pinoy freelancer can use is through paypal. All you need to have is an account in paypal (free), your oDesk email account and any bank account to which the money will be withdrawn. I used EON from Unionbank because it’s the most accessible and less hassle.
When applying to paypal be sure to include or add your oDesk email (sample@odesk.com) as the primary email. Don’t panic if you’ll see limited account or needs to verify notice because this can be solve by taking the steps below.
You can check the detailed information here: How to Receive oDesk Earnings Through Paypal.

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How To Start on oDesk as a Provider (Contractor)

Start your Freelancing Job with oDesk

Starting in oDesk is as simple as signing up an account in Facebook. So, I’ve made a simple step-by-step process for you to get started with your freelance work online. [Read more…]

oDesk Guide – Freelancer Profile Tips

work online at home for freeMany people get interested in working online for free. And before starting to engage in any jobs in web, profile is necessary. This is similar to a resume. Freelancers must spare enough time in creating one to be interesting for the clients. Good profile is helpful in guaranteeing the buyers that you are capable to accomplish the specified jobs.


Customers generally prefer to give projects to a person who has all the details appropriately mentioned on his profile which helps client to judge the fact that the freelancer is worth looking at or not. If it’s your first time to gist the idea on becoming a freelancer then I would recommend to ultimately build your profile strongly to draw in potential customers. [Read more…]