Cover Letter Power Lines – Effective Proposal Tips To Land That First (or Next) Client

Using “power lines” on your cover letters

Cover letters are one of the first things that a client or hiring manager will see when you send a proposal. Not the requirements and not even your carefully made profile.

That is why it is essential to create an attention-grabbing cover letter so they’ll have interest in checking your profile and requirements.

But how do you create an attention-grabbing cover letter? And what is a power line?

Never about experience

cover letter tips upworkFirst, I will tell you that it’s not about experience. In fact, I’ve reminded people, again and again, to stop waving experience around on their cover letters. Unless it’s exceptional achievement. But if we’re only talking about years of working in a particular field, it won’t be your ticket to land a job.

You see, telling the hiring manager or client “I have X years experience in this.” Only means you have worked for this long. Without context, it is not as fascinating as you are led to think.

Especially when dealing with managers that are hiring freelancers and virtual assistants, they have one thing in mind, and that is, “what can you do for me.”

Cover letters are all about getting a client’s attention

As long as you can prove them that what you bring to the table is beneficial to them, your mysterious years of experience may mean nothing to them.

I say this because I have been on all sides of the spectrum, a VA mentor, VA applicant, VA hiring manager and a client.

Having sourced, hired, managed and fired freelancers for myself and my clients I know what a business is looking for when hiring and that is not always years of experience. In fact, I have rolled my eyes on applications that would just say “I have X years of experience as a…” and nothing more. I do not know if they expect me to guess if they are qualified or not or do they think that it is the prerequisite to getting hired. [Read more…]