Interview with an Online Freelance Designer : John Alocelja

Freelancer Hot Spot : John Alocelja

Interview a Freelance DesignerWeb Designing, Logo, Branding, Illustrations,Digital Painting

Digos City, Philippines

“Never stop practicing and exploring, always take time for it, as this is also your investment to your knowledge and skills” – John

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Here’s another designer which I am extremely proud. We’ve been schoolmates from high school and even before he was the favorite candidate when it comes to competitions that involves arts. From elementary through high school I know he was known for his great talent in painting. From poster making to mural painting, he sure have the flair for it.

From the small city of Digos, let’s see what John Alocelja’s been doing as an online designer and how he maintained to be successful on the global market.

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