How to Create a Winning Freelancer Profile/Portfolio Even with Zero Client

work online for freeIf you had read my previous post, then you’re probably lost now in creating your profile. A freelancer’s profile is much the same with some of your social media’s personal pages.

Freelancer Portfolio/Profile sample

Don’t tell me you don’t have a facebook account. Having experienced filling your personal info – making a freelancer profile will be a little bit less difficult. Unlike your facebook and twitter pages, a portfolio needs to have a more professional tone. This is where you introduced yourself not just another mediocre individual looking for work but rather a serious and determined one. Keep in mind that what and how you put your information will differentiate you from other new freelancers. Samples on page 2. [Read more…]

Freelancer Profile Sample – How to Create a Winning Freelancer Profile

To give you an example. Here are some profile from freelancers who just started and never had any clients online. Learn from them and implement them in creating your own.

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