Tips on Freelancing Job Online

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From a vast of people interested in working online for free with free work online from home, one should have a key on how to win the desired posted job. Here are some of the tips on how to become competitive enough from the other aspiring freelancers.


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Freelance Guide – What is oDesk?

oDesk is a global job marketplace accompanying remote projects. This freelance site is designed to connect the client (said to be as “providers”) who could post their job and the employers (said to be as “buyers”) who could do that particular job. oDesk is one of the few websites that offers opportunity for individuals to start work online for free.

free work online from home

The name is short for ‘no desk’ in reference to the company’s objective to connect anyone who could work online at anytime and anywhere. Prospective buyers are free to post there outsourcing job, and providers can create there profile to bid on the particular job. Few to mention of in demand IT web jobs in this marketplace includes web development, graphic and multimedia design, programming and system development, search engine optimization, data entry, article writing and posting, networking and information system, and wide variety of administrative support and business services.

oDesk is one of the amongst record of companies, including Elance, Freelancer, Guru and vWorker that offer services between freelancers and employers. IT freelancers preferred this site for the following services they could offer:

1. oDesk has free membership for both buyers and providers.

2. Services can be paid by the hour or fixed-price bid.

3. Payment is guaranteed. Software is downloaded by the provider which gives transparency to the buyers to have confidence in billing. Hourly jobs are monitored using this oDesk Team software. The system tracks the activity of the provider in a given period of time, and guarantees secure and accurate billing for all the worked performed.

4. Automated bookkeeping task for the convenience of buyers and provider, this includes invoice and billings. Buyer’s billing information is handled by oDesk and automatically charges when the pay period comes.

5. oDesk doesn’t charge providers for monthly, annual or any regular fees. Instead, oDesk get commission at the time when the provider gets paid. The charge is about 11.11% mark-up on the provider’s income. This scheme is favorable to the provider’s side since fees are charged to the buyers.

6. Free skill tests are showcased. Different relative exams are designed to different fields depending on the jobs you are willing to work on to.