The Ultimate Guide for Starting your Freelance Career in

Are you tired of worrying and making your own application letters? Are you tired of finishing many different requirements just to get a job? Are you tired of going to different places just to submit your resumes and application letters? Are you tired of waiting for hours just to be interviewed? Well, you don’t have to put up with all of those for much longer because now, there are many ways of working from home. And the best way to do so is going to

Start Finding Online Jobs and Work from Home

online jobs work from offers new and improved ways to earn and save money. Aside from the fact that all you need is an internet connection to do so, it also offers the fact of getting paid with a reasonable price with reasonable clients. Applying for jobs at is not as hard as it may seem. You only have to set up a good profile with your credentials, skills, and experiences to convince different clients to hire you do the job.

When most people hear about online jobs work from home, they think that it’s hard to set up accounts, and that payments are unverified. But when it comes to, payments are always assured so you don’t have to worry about getting the payment you deserve.

Moreover, when people think about online work, they seem to think that it is always about teaching, tutoring and encoding online. They are wrong. gives you many different varieties of jobs depending on your skills and talents. There are people who would hire you for Technical Support, for Essay Writing, Proofreading, Game Designing, even Graphic Designing.

So never think that jobs at is full of limits because once you get into the world of working online, you would realize that there are many opportunities for you. If you think that you are only limited in doing only one job, you are totally wrong again. Because at, you can apply for many jobs as long as you can finish your duties on time. So without further ado, here are the ways to get started at

Click that Sign Up Button, NOW!

1. Signing up and selecting a membership plan. Of course the email address that you will be using must be verified for your security and your protection. Your membership plan can either be:

a. Freelancer Basic where you will be provided with 60 connects per month, hourly protection and fixed-price protection. Connects are used to apply for a job and are being reset monthly.

b. Freelancer Plus where you are given 70 connects per month, and rollover connects which causes unused connects to be accrued for the following months. This also provides a view of competitor bids to see the minimum, maximum and average bids per job. It also comes with hourly protection and fixed-price protection.

Spend Time Building your Profile, remember it’s not Facebook

2. Building a great profile. You have to show the clients what you’ve got in full power. Remember that you are not the only one applying for a job. So you might as well make your profile as attractive as it gets. Include your achievements educational attainment, skills and talents to give yourself an edge among the others. This will serve as your resume in applying for your job.freelance profile portfolio

There are also other profile areas namely:

a. Professional certifications

b. These are useful in keeping up a good image. Having good test scores on your profile can add to your hiring opportunities.

c. Linking External Accounts will help your clients know more about who you are.

610px Online Job Tips template

Give Me the Money

3. Setting up your payment option will help you earn what is due for you, and it also informs the clients on where to send payments.

Communication is Key

4. Using Upwork Messages. Unlike other jobs when you literally have to talk to your clients, this site provides an easy way for you to communicate by sending messages online. This will help you build a good communication so you don’t have to worry about how to contact them in case you have questions, suggestions or clarifications.

Now that you’re all set up, it’s time we talk about searching for the right job for you.

Picking a skill. There are various skills that you can add on your profile. Add the skills which you are most familiar with along with your proficiencies and expertise. If you are very much adept in speaking the English language, you can apply for teaching, creative writing, proofreading and many others. If you are good with math, then you can help people with problem solving and even teaching them math.

Setting Filters. In searching for jobs you can filter those jobs that you want to apply to. You can search for them so all the jobs that are applicable for you are sorted and presented.

Adding to Job Feed. In doing so, you will be updated on the latest projects that match up to your preference and expertise.

In there are two types of contracts:

In this contract, you will be paid hourly depending on the agreed amount of time needed to work in a day or week. You can talk to your clients on their availability as well as yours to maintain a good communication at working. An example of this is Technical Support, Customer Service and Tutoring.

Fixed-price. In this contract, you will be paid according to the number of projects delivered to your clients. You have to be in good terms with your client as to what the project will be, when it will be submitted, and how much you are getting paid. You have to wait until a milestone is funded and that money is held in escrow. You can submit your projects through the Upwork platform. You also have to make sure that you got paid before continuing on the next project.

5. Submitting a Proposal and Interviewing

a. After finding a project you like, you have to review the job details and your number of connects to make sure that you really are up to it.

b. After which, you have to submit a proposal with a good cover letter which serves as your application letter. The tips will be written shortly.

c. When the client chose your application, they might ask for a test project or a sample to ensure how well you can perform the said project.

d. Make sure that you have agreed on the deadline and the payment with the client in order to avoid conflicts.

e. And lastly, after all is done, the client will send you an offer for you to accept and finally start working.

6. Tips in writing a winning proposal

a. Be specific about your skills and how well they relate with the project.

b. Get answers up front to avoid being misled or to avoid misunderstandings.

c. Provide the requested information

d. Proofread, edit and deliver. Review your letter and when you are sure there are no more errors, you can hit send.

7. Suggesting a price. You have to make sure that the amount of profit you will be receiving is sufficient and fair

a. Break the job into phases and calculate how much each phase would cost. For example, in building a website, there can be five phases namely: planning, designing, development, review and testing. You have to make sure that the price you put on each phase is also fair and just and add them all up.

b. Consider profit vs. risk. In deciding the final amount, you have to consider additional profit and risks.

8. Once you’ve sent the proposal, you have to wait if the client wants to work with you. If he does, he might set up an interview over Upwork, skype or phone. Be flexible, be honest, be reliable.

After getting hired, here are ways of doing the work and getting paid:

Managing and delivering work for hourly contacts.

  1.  For an easier grip on the project, you can use the team app from your phone or laptop to get notifications instantly and for better communication with your clients.
  2. You can also use the work diary to keep track of the work you have done in an hour or in a day. Your client can also tell you the number of hours you should be online and the you should agree about the time on both ends.
  3. The billing ends every Sunday and earnings will be available after 10 days.

Managing and delivering work for fixed price

  1. The client will fund milestones so if you have finished the job and have satisfied your client, you will be paid according to the fixed price.
  2. If the client is not satisfied with your job, you can adjust and communicate to talk about revisions and payment.
  3. If there are conflicts, you can approach Upwork for assistance in this case they will set up a discussion on the matters of argument.

Trust and safety of Upwork payment protection

  1. Hourly contracts using the team app are eligible for Upwork Hourly Protection to ensure that an hour worked is an hour paid.
  2. Fixed-price contracts managed with escrow and milestones is protected by Upwork Fixed-Price protection. You just have to manage the work and payments of your clients.

Your contract is complete after delivering the final product or number of hours required. Let them know that you are done with the job and are available if they have concerns. If the contract remains open, the client might still be reviewing your work but if you received a final feedback after the job closed then you can ask the client to close contract after being reviewed and paid for.

The clients can rate you from one to five stars and can also comment and evaluate privately. The best you can do is be efficient with your work and your communication with your clients to have better chances of getting more opportunities. Enjoy working online at