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Just a pebble in the water can cause the sea in motion. Life is full of domino effects as long as you know how to manage it. This domino effect is not only applicable with multiplying happiness or greatness. But for freelancers, this domino effect is also applied to having clients. If you can have one client, it can multiply into two, then into four, then into eight, and so forth. You just have to know how to get it. From Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents, finding your first client is the hardest for freelancing. So as a freelancer, how can you find your very first client?

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Angie Nelson of interviewed work-at-home women who have no references and experiences at freelancing but got their first clients. According to her research, these women got their first client from networking sites.

Sara Wagers, one of the interviewee who is an online business strategist, had her profile set up on A client saw her profile in because he was in need of general administration help with a coaching program. According to her, honesty made a great impression on the client and has built their working relationship for a long time. Our clients also notice our inner qualities by how we interact with them and how we let them perceive about their importance to us.

work from home online jobs2Another successful freelancer is Nisa Schmitz who found her first client from She was one of the top five of Elance’s relevant skills test. The clients were impressed by her skills and test scores and these made them think that she is eligible for the job. Sometimes, even when you are not experienced with freelancing, if you show the skill that the clients need to get hired, then you will increase your probability of being successful with finding your new client.

Amber Sawaya, a partner/creative editor at Sawaya Consulting said her first client was referred to her by a friend. After some time, someone hired them to build a website which eventually became successful. According to her, publicizing your job and skills is a good way to find your clients. You can post your contact information and your skills in Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and other sites in order to help people reach you.

Anna of Misadventures in Motherhood who didn’t have any job experience landed a work at Stroller Traffic because of her blog. She used her written articles as a sample for the client until they hired her permanently as a freelance writer. People who treat their skill as their passion also have advantages especially with freelancing. They can easily show their proficiency by giving good samples to impress their clients into hiring them.

So how do you multiply the number of your clients into two? According to Jesse Gernigin, we shouldn’t think of our clients as money bags. We should treat them with respect and consider the fact that we don’t only help them with their projects but they also help us in earning money for ourselves. Freelancers who treated clients as money bags didn’t go very far because they focused on the quantity of money rather than the quality of their work and their relationship with their clients. Relationships with clients is an important tool in gaining more job offers as a freelancer. Remember that these clients have friends and their friends have more. Maintaining a good relationship is vital to gaining more clients.

Start Your 3-Step Guide

There are three steps in having your first client. The first step is to solve a client’s problem. Your clients shouldn’t look for you. You have to look for your clients. You can publicize your expertise in skills from,, or You have to assure the clients of your availability and proficiency in solving their problems.

The second step is to use a language that the client can comprehend. It doesn’t mean that you are proficient with the terms and language of your profession that everyone around you does to. Your clients need someone to help them solve their problems in a language they can comprehend. You have to know how to impart your knowledge effectively on your clients for them to feel that you really do care about their problems. Showing off won’t help you gain your clients. Because if they won’t be able to understand you, who’s to say that other clients will?

The last step is to make proposals for the clients. In making proposals, you should not focus on getting them to know you. You have to tell them what is to be done when they give you the job. Impressing them with your ideas about the job will entice them to hire you. If they realize that you have good insights about the concept, then they will eventually realize your eligibility even without an experience at freelancing. You should also consider the fact of quality over quantity. Giving many proposals without good substance is useless in attracting clients. It’s better to send one outstanding proposal than to give ten disappointing ones.

Moreover, Danny Margulies of also shared some of his ways in gaining your first client. According to him, one way is to go after small jobs. You don’t expect to have a big break on your freelancing career on your first try. Keep your heads up for smaller jobs until you gain the experience to make you eligible to try harder, and bigger jobs. Taking up small jobs will also help you hone your skills, and it will help you gain experience. It can also help you get more publicity until more and more clients reach out to you. Consider the fact that there is value in patience. If you wait for the right time to try harder jobs, then it would most likely lead to your success.

And lastly, Shishir Singh also added that freelancers need to have a good and updated profile. Having such attracts many clients and employers just like having a good resume and an outstanding application letter. You should keep your profile shining to attract your clients. Show them that you don’t only need the job but you also have the skill to do it.

He also said not to give up. Perseverance and determination is the key to success. If you are having a hard time with finding clients, you should never feel hopeless because a lot of opportunities will knock on your door as long as you know where to put it. There are lots of people out there who need our help. There are a lot of them who need our support. There are a lot of them who are looking for our own personal skill and want us to help them solve their problems. If there is one thing that I have learned from freelancing, it is to not disappoint. So let’s not.

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