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Work Online PhilippinesHere’s a report on why most employers choose to hire Filipino workers online.

With the increase in online work community more and more organisations especially the mid-sized have resorted to platforms and websites which caters their workforce needs. The entrepreneural growth rate is much higher worldwide so is the requirements to fulfill them. Now employers and contractors tend to outsource and crowd source the work to countries which has the high workforce. Amongst these nations, the South East Asian countries like India, Pakistan, and Philippines see a lot of reception. It is because of the simple fact that there are large groups of people who are ready to work at any odd hours. Their willingness and competitiveness make the employers hire them repeatedly.

Philippines compared to other nations has emerged out as a prime location for outsourcing all sorts of work. It has made many of the experts in outsourcing wonder, how do they actually execute the tasks so efficiently? Freelancing sites like the Elance & has become a resort for freelance workers from Philippines. Contractors call them virtual assistants, who can help them with variety of tasks. These tasks also ranges from top managerial level like advising, advertising, consulting, marketing, planning to mid level tasks like designing, IT-related, writing, editing and much more. The only matter of the fact is that these freelance virtual assistants from Philippines can work even in odd hours. With more and more freelance workers opting to work online for free at their client time schedule and resting during other hours.

According to experts, US is a prime source for employment and a large number of Philippines based workers prefer to work with them. This is because of the currency ratio and also because of the timings. Generally they work according to US time table, which is their night hours and they do their other house chores and resting during the day. Since they are all well connected with mediums like Skype, Gtalk; there’s hardly any way for miss-communication.  Other countries have a very natural pattern between their working and sleeping hours, but not Philippines. During sleeping hours, experts say that the minimum active workforce does not goes below 1000 active workers. This is astonishing because if we compare it is very high compared to other countries in their late hours. This also shows the competitiveness and constancy in the people of Philippines.

Work Online Philippines

 If you can see, there is hardly any fluctuation on the number of workers in the Philippines compared to other countries. Whenever the clients need work done, Filipinos are wide awake.


Many of the freelance workers of the Philippines believe in the hour-rate style of working. Even the employers also suggest it, as one can track what their virtual assistants were actually doing. A platform like Odesk offers intuitive ways to capture these, with software that not only captures the screenshot while they were logged in but also measures the amount of work done. This helps in the final billing.  Although there are some points where the work output gets low, mostly during the lunch hours, but the work they continue to do during the night hours is quite exceptional. The work output goes it its peak around 9-10p.m. It is the same time when the Western European and US states are working to their maximum. The low point of work output caves in during 4-5a.m, which like the closing time in the West.  But why do the employers is so keen for the Philippines freelancers? The very basic reason is the availability of work force at any given point of time and their effectiveness in handling real time tasks. Organizations which is growing, or are mid-sized always has an option to look towards Philippines for freelance work. It is good to have a group of virtual assistants to whom they can delegate their work and see the output next day. They can also consult them or take advices from them at any point of the day. This ensures better results and better productivity.

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